Dezòd lou

Dezòd Lou aka chaos wolf

Dezòd Lou is the 3000 year old half energy vampire half human field Colonel in the organization The Troubled. Dezòd Lou is Chaos Wolf in the not well known language of Haitian Croele, only the commander of The Troubled knows his real name and he refuses to tell anyone else.

Background Information

Although the only information on Dezod's past is known by the commander (the commander of The Troubledbeing his best friend) his "impulses" on the other hand is known by almost everyone in The Troubled.  Although Dezod was born with the gift to drain energy along with him also being granted the gift of not aging past the age of 30, he has a pecurliar weakness. Dezod has to drain energy or he will age at a rapid paste and if he drains to much his "vampire form" will activate and he will lose all control over his actions causing him to go on a violent rampage. He also has often cravings for blood, but he tries to control it to the best of his abilities.


Dezod has the power to drain energy from others and use it both against them and as an antidote of sorts for his rapid aging. The only way you have a chance at defeating him is though either a swordfight or hand to hand combat.


Master at martail arts: Dezod is an excelent martail artest spending most of his free time training for over 400 years in the traditional arts and creating his own styles of martail arts for over 2000 years.

Expert Swordsman: It was said that Dezod only lost one swordfight and that was with the commander of The Troubled he trained with swords for over 2500 and although he can use any blades object he gets a hold of not only sword he prefers to use his lam nan lòd or blade or order, a rather demonic blade in the shape of a traditional katana in which each hit sends a tiny shock of energy making the metal of the oppenent's blade weaker thus sending some of the oppenent's sword's energy (if it has energy) to Dezod's blade, of course he needs to say a certain word for this power to activate.

vòlè: vòlè basicly means steal in the Haitian Croele language, when he says this and pictures the oppenent's weapon's energy go into the blade with every hit the opponent's weapon gets weaker until it shatters or turns to dust, as this happens the energy is drained from the opponent's weapon into the demonic blade.
Dezod vs his brother

Dezod (left) vs his full blooded energy vampire brother, chatiman lou or damnation wolf (right). Yes, Dezod is getting his ass kicked o.e