Well, I'm back. And getting annoyed at this wiki, and my computer. My computer keeps crashing, so, kinda pissed at that. This wiki.... there are a number of positive t5hings I could say, but am in the mood to rant, so anything that I don't say is the good things on here. The first thing is that the codes arn't finished and it keeps glitching, actually, thats about it.

On a positive note, I have now compleated two works here. One is a story and the other is a really lame exuse for a poem. And I'm working on one for school, please do tell me what you think of 'My Delema'. It's not finished, but I'm sorta stuck on it right now. But I'm always thinking about what to add, and as always, any suggestions, post them on my wall, and i will get back to you